Access Level 3 - Advanced


This level of Access starts by introducing some of the more advanced functions within Access for managing database material. This course will give a fuller understanding of the areas of Tables, Forms, Queries and Reports and will prepare you for continued learning of Access.

You must be very familiar with the basics of Access and be able to complete the following before attending this course:

Understand the concept of Relational Databases and Referential Integrity - Create and edit a data Table - Create relationships between tables - Create basic forms and reports and edit and format these. You must be able to create queries from one or more tables and use criteria within queries to filter results.

  • Use default and required values in table fields.
  • Learn how to set Validation rules for your fields.
  • What are input masks and how are they used in Access tables?
  • Learn how to populate tables with data from existing tables.
  • Add table data from outside sources.
  • Understand and create one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many relationships.
  • Enforcing Referential Integrity.
  • Cascade Update and Deletion of records in tables.
  • Use advanced criteria expressions within queries.
  • Learn how to set parameters for criteria prompts.
  • Use grouping and totaling within the groups.
  • Use calculation expressions within a query.
  • Understand and modify "Join Types".
  • Understand and create Cross-tab, Make-Table, Delete, Update and Append query types.
  • Create and manage sub-forms.
  • Introduce Combo and List boxes into your forms.
  • Use expression controls in advanced forms.
  • Learn about running sums within a report.
  • Use expression controls within advanced reports.
  • Learn about concatenating within a control.
  • Create and manage a front end user interface switchboard.