Client Manager Registration & Bookings

Before a client manager can make a booking they must register and receive approval.  Once this is complete a manager can book any available training dates, subject to the terms of our cancellation policy.

Manager Registration:

To register as a client manager, click REGISTER in the top right of the website.  Enter your full name and company email address.  Choose and confirm your password.

We will be notified by email when you have registered.  Until your registration has been confirmed your application will be marked as PENDING APPROVAL.  During this time you will not be able to make any online bookings.  Approval will take place within a short period of time.

Making an Online Booking:

Once your status as a manager has been confirmed, you can make online bookings.  You can do this by logging into your account and then selecting an available date from the Training Schedule. (If you have not logged in to your account you will be prompted to do so when you select a training date).  You must complete the information required on the booking form and accept our cancellation policy before the booking can proceed.

As soon as you complete the booking the requested date will be put on hold and nobody else can book that date.  Your booking will be reviewed and approved.  

To cancel a booking please email: