Outlook - Fundamentals


Microsoft Outlook is more than just an email programme. In this course you will learn how to use the programme to its full capabilities. You will learn how to work with Email messages but also how to work with Calendars, Meetings, Appointments and Contacts. You will learn how to work with signatures and themes and how to manage your inbox including filtering, creating search folders and creating a useful folder structure.

This course is open to all participants who use Microsoft Outlook within the Microsoft Office suite of programmes. It will be based on Outlook 2010 but can equally applied to other versions of the desktop application.

  • Compose, send and receive emails.
  • Reply and forward emails.
  • Work with attachments.
  • Work with calendar views.
  • Schedule meetings and appointments.
  • Update or cancel meetings or appointments.
  • Reply to meeting invitations.
  • Add, edit, update and delete contacts.
  • Create contact groups.
  • Create a signature and automatically add it to messages.
  • Create email folders.
  • Learns how to keep your inbox clear.
  • Search for emails within your system.