Word Level 3 - Advanced


This course is specifically for those who already very familiar with Microsoft Word and who wish to bring their knowledge to a new level using the top level functions within the application. All too often we spend hours trying to achieve a professional look to our documents while those who attend this course can achieve the same effect in minutes.

Before attending this course you need to be familiar with the core functions of Word including how to create a basic document and apply basic formatting and print options. You should be able to understand and complete most of the tasks listed in the Level 2 - Intermediate Word course outline.

  • Work with tables and learn how to convert blocks of text into tables.
  • Create professional looking online forms with tick boxes and dropdown lists.
  • Layout a document in Columns to give the feel of a magazine or newspaper.
  • Create your own Styles and apply these throughout your document.
  • Create Outline (legal 1.0 - 1.1 - 1.1.1 etc.) Numbering Styles and use them in documents.
  • Protect and distribute a document to other users and be able to track and compare any changes.
  • Enter, edit and delete Comments, Footnotes, Bookmarks, Captions, into a document.
  • Use cross-references to track internal objects within the document.
  • Create an automatic Table Of Contents, Table Of Figures at the start of your document or an Index at the end of a document.
  • Insert a Bibliography in your college thesis.
  • Learn how to create Master Documents and Sub-documents
  • Learn how to insert Text boxes into a document and how to link them to enable the automatic flow of text.
  • Set your documents apart by adding a watermark to each page.
  • Learn how to create a Mail-Merge so that you can distribute a document, an email or a set of labels to a group of people yet personalise each copy of the item.