PowerPoint Level 3 - Advanced


As PowerPoint's style, animation and multimedia abilities have become more sophisticated, and as the application has generally made it easier to produce presentations, the difference in needs and desires of presenters and audiences have become more noticeable. This course will take the participant to a higher level within Microsoft PowerPoint and will help achieve stronger and more professional presentations.

Participants should be very familiar with the basic use of PowerPoint. They should be able to create simple presentations and be able to format slides and text. They should be able to perform basic editing of slides and be familiar with the different slide layouts.

  • Create and edit various diagram types such as organisation charts and smart art.
  • Interact with Excel and create professional charts from external data.
  • Add Audio and Video to your slides.
  • Learn to trim video, loop video and apply formatting and styles to video.
  • Go beyond the ordinary with advanced custom animation effects.
  • Use the animation painter and learn about animation triggers.
  • Animate charts created directly in powerPoint
  • Learn to link and embed within slides.
  • Learn to create slide elements which are linked to Excel.
  • Use hyperlinks to jump to other slides, websites and other applications.
  • Compare two presentation to identify changes.
  • Use the screen shot functions and learn how to edit and crop graphics.
  • Create custom shows for different audiences.
  • Learn the advanced tips for running slideshows.
  • Use the slide show controls during your presentation.
  • Learn about sharing presentation, including Permissions, Packing on CD and PDF saving.