Project Levels 1/2 - Introduction/Intermediate

Project Levels 1/2 - Introduction/Intermediate


Microsoft Project is a powerful project management tool which will assist anyone tasked with creating, administering and tracking a project.
This course will take you through all the main areas of the software package and will show you how to create and track a project from the start. At the end of the course you will be more comfortable using this project management tool and will be able to use it to schedule tasks and control resources and materials as well as track a project budget.

This course starts from the start of the application and is ideally suited for someone with little or no knowledge or experience of Microsoft Project.
This level is not suitable for someone who is very familiar with the software or who requires a more in-depth training course on the advanced features.

This course covers the following syllabus:

  • Create a new project from the start.
  • Set up the work calendars and individual schedules.
  • Create, import and edit tasks.
  • Understand durations and milestones.
  • Create Summary tasks.
  • Schedule and link tasks.
  • Create resources such as people ad equipment.
  • Track the cost of resources.
  • Format and print your plan.
  • Fine-tune task details.
  • Set task constraints and deadlines.
  • View the projects critical path.
  • Set a project baseline.
  • Record completions and administer the project plan.