Word Level 1 - Introduction


Microsoft Word is a Word-Processing application which allows the user to create documents which can be edited and presented in a professional manner. At the end of this course you will be able to create and edit most common document types and have sufficient knowledge to work through to the next level.

This is a beginner course in Word. It is designed for those who have little or no experience of the application. This course will start Word from the very start. If you have previously used Word and are proficient in the course content then you may wish to consider doing an Intermediate/Advanced level course.

  • Learn about the various parts of the screen and work through the basics of moving around the page, selecting text, saving and retrieving your work.
  • Set up your work page including margins, headers & footers and paper size.
  • Be able to edit a document correctly including the use of page breaks, changing and deleting text and copy or cutting and pasting.
  • Make your document look professional by changing how the text looks. Change the size, colour and layout of the text. Use the format painter to apply your formatting choices to multiple sections.
  • Layout your lists with bullets or numbers for extra clarity.
  • Learn how to use tables to their fullest and ensure that you can format and lay them out as required.
  • Insert pictures into your document and ensure that you know how to manipulate them correctly.
  • Be able to proof your document and print it.